AI för ökad konkurrenskraft

AI är inte framtiden – det är nu. Genom AI.m ger innovationsarenan HighFive tillsammans med Högskolan i Halmstad halländska företag en unik möjlighet att öka sin konkurrenskraft med hjälp av artificiell intelligens, människocentrerad design och affärsutveckling. Alltihop i en innovationsprocess där experter och forskare från både högskola och näringsliv står till din tjänst.

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The latest from the AI ​​world. Here we collect interesting articles, reconnaissance and training in artificial intelligence and service innovation.



You who are a student make a difference in our projects and out with our participating companies - regardless of the focus of your education. Take the chance to test your skills and knowledge in real life!


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Companies that have undergone our process tell us about how the experience was and what they got out of their participation.



About AI.m

AI.m is the innovation arena HighFive and Halmstad University's new venture where people-centered AI is at the center and where Halland companies are offered a unique opportunity to increase their competitiveness.

Halland Tech Meet

Explainable AI and hybrid skills? Can we use AI as a support for decisionmaking instead of seeing the risks in regards to AI replacing jobs? What ethical issues should be discussed in this context?

Did you attend the Halland Tech Meet when HighFives projectleader Anna Petersson moderated the webinar of human-centered artificial intelligence as part of the AI.m project together with Pontus Wärnestål, Joel Sandén and Anita Sant’Anna? Pontus Wärnestål, Joel Sandén samt Anita Sant’Anna.

Then you know that the above mentioned subjects affects our entire society today, and that we also updated with the videorecording from the session as well as the answers to your questions during the session.i även uppdaterat med videoinspelningen från sessionen och era kloka frågor och inspel.

Here you´ll find the material from the session - AI.m for the future!