AI.m for the future

AI.m. is a project lead by the University of Halmstad and HighFive Innovation Hub, where SME companies in the region have the opportunity to participate in an innovation process. A process where human-centered AI, increased competitiveness and new data-driven solutions are in focus. With experts and researchers within artificial intelligence, service design, business development and UX design, we create new AI-driven solutions, build prototypes and connect the participating companies with relevant expertise inside and outside of the university.
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To make this project possible we have formed a network of exciting individuals with different competences and backgrounds.
You are important, regardless of course of study. If you are interested in participating, get in touch with us here. You will make a difference in the AI.m project.

Our ambition is that will act as a channel for sharing knowledge within the area of AI-driven innovation.
A number of companies have already gone through our process and here you can read what they have to say about what it was like and what they got out of it.

Halland Tech Meet

Explainable AI and hybrid skills? Can we use AI as a support for decisionmaking instead of seeing the risks in regards to AI replacing jobs? What ethical issues should be discussed in this context?

Did you attend the Halland Tech Meet when HighFives projectleader Anna Petersson moderated the webinar of human-centered artificial intelligence as part of the AI.m project together with Pontus Wärnestål, Joel Sandén and Anita Sant’Anna? Pontus Wärnestål, Joel Sandén samt Anita Sant’Anna.

Then you know that the above mentioned subjects affects our entire society today, and that we also updated with the videorecording from the session as well as the answers to your questions during the session.

Here you´ll find the material from the session - AI.m for the future!