Participating companies

The companies that participate in AI.m are our most important teachers in the project. We follow their process and development, the exchange of knowledge and experience goes in both directions.

Within the framework of the AI.m project, we will work agile with approximately 20 participating companies in 3 rounds. Until January 2021, we have worked with 10 companies and its AI applications to bring in 5 more companies in the spring of 2021. Here you can follow the participating companies' journey and also read more about our alumni and their experiences


Said about AI.m

“A great opportunity! The project helped us to look up and innovate our business based on our data assets, which has been a completely new way for us to develop the business. ”
Victoria Ekman, CEO, CE products

"We want companies to see the benefits and opportunities that exist with AI and, above all, how they themselves can use technology as a means of competition."
Stefan Byttner, associate professor and AI researcher, Halmstad University

“It has been a useful process to just explain our data assets and our business to outsiders. To be able to look up and see plenty of opportunities. Now we have a whole list of possible development areas within AI, ”says Magnus Elmblad, CEO of Lagafors.
Magnus Elmblad, VD, Lagafors.

Tjänstedesign-tillfället och kundresan var riktigt bra! Det hjälpte oss att förstå hur slutprodukten och slutupplevelsen skulle bli. Vi har fått en ny vinkel på vad vi faktiskt ska erbjuda.
Ulf Mazur, VD, Matpriskollen

“It is unique and positive to combine UX with AI. It has really given the group a common picture of where we want to go with the product, ”
Ulf Mazur, VD, Matpriskollen.

Participating companies in AI.m



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