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In the AI.m project, the innovation arena HighFive and Halmstad University Halland companies provide a unique opportunity to increase their competitiveness with the help of people-centered AI in a tailor-made innovation process. At your service are experts in AI, service design and business development, students with knowledge and hunger who help you solve your challenges and researchers ready to turn their expertise into the reality of your company.


Start your AI journey today!

Är ert företag intresserat av att utforska vilka möjligheter det finns att applicera AI till er verksamhet utifrån dem behov ni har i dagsläget eller närmsta framtid? Tveka inte att höra av er till oss så berättar vi mer om vad människocentrerad AI innebär och hur just ni kan dra nytta av att vara med i denna innovationsprocess.

Har du frågor, funderingar eller vill anmäla dig redan nu? Skicka in en intresseanmälan eller maila så återkommer vi.



Att delta i AI.m

If you become one of the selected companies, you will be guided, together with researchers and experts in artificial intelligence, data analysis, service innovation and business development through the program - where your challenges are in focus. The result is a prototype of the selected AI application along with a roadmap for your next steps towards an implemented intelligent solution.

Within the framework of the AI.m project, the selected participating companies will go through an individual innovation process that starts with a mapping of the business and possible AI applications, continues with inspirational lectures and workshops, business development and strategy linked to AI and digitization and ends with a UX -designbyrå produces an AI application and a survey and roadmap on how financing and implementation of the AI ​​initiative should be secured.

The project will contribute to:

  • Inspirational talks on AI, Machine Learning and Service Design.
  • 3 company specific workshops focusing on:
    - strategic business design and data mapping
    - human-centred service design,
    - development of AI-roadmap
  • Business development and strategy linked to AI and digitalization
  • UX-design bureau developing an actual prototype of chosen AI-application
  • Scientists, students and business developers within AI, Machine Learning and Service Design who will give you guidance regarding strategy, tools and networks in order to further advance the prototype after the project has been completed
  • Mapping of possible funding options in order to develop and implement the AI-venture

In the first part of the project we analyse each business in company specific workshops. We discuss the strategic guidelines and agree on what data is available, how this data can accelerate growth or streamline the business through the application of AI.

Scientists and students within artificial intelligence and service design from Halmstad University as well as business developers from HighFive will participate in the project.



The project includes cutting-edge expertise in AI, service design, innovation and business development - get to know the team here.


You who are a student make a difference in our projects and out with our participating companies - regardless of the focus of your education. Take the chance to test your skills and knowledge in real life!


The latest from the AI ​​world. Here we collect interesting articles, reconnaissance and training in artificial intelligence and service innovation.


Participating companies

Companies that have undergone our process tell us about how the experience was and what they got out of their participation.